Stefano is one of the fifteen photographers selected for the first ever high-mountain photographic exhibition "Les Sommets de l'Image". From 19 January to 20 April 2007, on the prestigious Courchevel resort, the exhibition presents sixty photographs highlighting the beauty of natural UNESCO world heritage sites and endangered wildlife.


For more information: www.lessommetsdelimage.com



Conservation photography

Stefano became a member of the ILCP, the International League of Conservation Photographers. The ILCP, is a consortium of professional photographers who have demonstrated the highest skills in photography, outstanding ethical standards in the capture, manipulation and captioning of images and a sustained commitment to conservation. The mission of the ILCP is to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography.




For more information: www.ilcp.com




This February, Airone magazine published Stefano picture story on bear-watching.



Animan magazine

The story of Fred, the red fox, appeared in a ten pages article in the Swiss magazine Animan.




Sub-Antarctic expedition

The 3rd December, Stefano and his wife Stéphanie, are leaving for five months expedition on the Sub-Antarctic archipelagos of Crozet and Kerguelen.


This two archipelagos are located between Africa, Antarctica and Australia, and are a part of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF). The islands are located far from inhabited land, and have no airport, port or regular transport. Not only is it some way off most tourist routes, but the climate is inhospitable in the extreme. It is the windiest place on Earth, exposed to the strong westerly gales of the 'roaring forties' – gusts frequently top 110 km/hr. With rain, sleet and snow falling on around 300 days of the year, temperatures rarely reach above freezing. Despite the inhospitable climate, Crozet and Kerguelen are home to a wide range of wildlife.


During this expedition, Stefano will spend several months photographing albatross, elephant seals and king penguins. This project is supported by the TAAF and Nikon.



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