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In the January 2014 issue of the National Geographic Magazine, Stefano Unterthiner presents a story from Indonesia: an intimate portrait of the world largest lizard, the endangered Komodo dragon. Stefano and Stéphanie spent seven weeks on assignment for the Magazine working to this story. A dangerous, but exciting fieldwork! More about this latest assignment at the National Geographic Magazine and please take a look at this new photo story now online in our website. 


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© 2013 Stefano Unterthiner/National Geographic


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© 2013 Stephanie Unterthiner/National Geographic



On assignment for National Geographic

Stefano is currently on assignment in the Italian Alps for National Geographic Magazine. The story will be published during the 2014. Follow Stefano during this long assignment on his Instagram feed and in the official @natgeo Instagram feed. We'll update weekly our feed during this assignment.


Stefano in the field for National Geographic (photo by Emanuele Biggi)



Tern story on BBC Wildlife magazine

The new photo story Seychelles terns published in the August issue of BBC Wildlife magazine



The Seychelles represents a modern conservation success story: the series of extinctions that followed human settlement has been halted and, since 2011, over 50% of the archipelago has been protected. Yet there is a whiff of trouble in paradise. The islands’ terns are facing a new threat: climate change. Increases in ocean temperature reduce food availability, and in some of the Seychelles’ tern populations breeding success has dived from 75 to 1 per cent. These images aim to capture the variety and grace of these birds, and the dynamic, chaotic colonies that could vanish all too soon.



Sloth story on GEO

This February, the German edition of GEO is featuring our story on three-toed sloth. We produced this photo story few years ago in French Guyana, where Stéphanie and I documented the natural history of this fascinating mammal and the fieldwork of Paulette Decrette, who dedicated her life to the conservation of the sloths.




Epson Calendar 2013

This year, Stefano has the honor to sign the Epson Calendar 2013, one of the most prestigious fine art Calendar in Italy. The inaugural ceremony of the Epson Calendar "Equilibri Naturali" will be hold in Milan at "Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia", the 26th November 2012.


The Epson Calendar 2013 cover


Read more: Epson Calendar 2013


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