Prix Mondial de l'image de montagne

"Il sentiero perduto" has been published in April 2015. Since then, we had an incredible success from both the readers and the book competitions. In 2015, "Il sentiero perduto" was among the finalists at the prestigious "Banff Mountain Book Competition". Today, we are delighted to announce a new award for our latest book, the "Prix Mondial de l'image de montagne 2016", from the international mountain book fair of Passy (France).


This is an honour for me as a photographer and it's a great success for my wife Stéphanie as a little publisher.




From roof to roof

I spent a funny springtime, from roof to roof, shooting for a new photo story. An unusual 'environment' for me to work, but very exiting. Stay tuned!


Photo by Stéphanie Unterthiner



Back to fieldwork

After completing the Gran Paradiso project, Stefano is back in the field to work on a new long-term project in the Apennine. More coming soon…


A lone wolf (© 2016 Stefano Unterthiner)



A new National Geographic assignment completed!

We are just back home from a new, exhausting, exciting National Geographic Magazine assignment! A truly "family" assignment, see the photo below... A two months trip in the forest of North Sulawesi documenting one of the most amazing primate on Earth. More soon, stay tuned!


MM8273 151028 7205

Photo by Stéphanie Unterthiner / National Geographic 2015



Banff Mountain Book Competition

We are really proud that our latest book "Il sentiero perduto" has made it to the finalists at the 2015 "Banff Mountain Book Competition"! This year, 139 entries were received in six categories and 26 of these entries made up to the finalists. The Banff Mountain Book Competition is an internationally recognized literary competition in its 22nd year that celebrates mountain literature in all its forms. 




Cover small


Order your copy at, our publishing house.



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