A behind-the-scenes look of Stefano Unterthiner photography






Video - A behind the scene from "Il sentiero perduto" -





From my latest book "Il sentiero perduto" a behind-the-scene video shoot in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Images by Stéphanie Unterthiner. Text by Stefano Unterthiner performed by Paola Corti.




Video - "The angels of winter" - preview of the behind the scene -




A preview of the "behind the scene" from Stefano Unterthiner's new assignment from National Geographic magazine. Stefano spent several months in the field working on a story on whooper swan. A longer video is available with the Stefano's new book "Gli angeli dell'inverno" - only in Italian for now -.



Video - From Poland, "An encounter with the king of the forest"




Stefano's assignment for Wild Wonders of Europe in Poland, photographing the European bison in the forest of Bialowieza (Poland). A short video to have a felling of an encounter with the "king of the forest".



Video - From Sweden, "The ambassadors of spring"




For his last mission for Wild Wonders of Europe, Stefano Unterthiner spent a week in Hornborga (Sweden) photographing the cranes. In April 2009, over 18.000 cranes were counted in Hornborga, in a single day: in this video some images from this fascinating spring migration to the north.



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