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Stefano Unterthiner's exhibits are travelling around the world: contact us for more info.


 The Living Wild


A retrospective of the most iconic photographs by Stefano Unterthiner. This large exhibition brings together some of Stefano's most recent and best known documentary and fine art work (60 prints, large format on different sizes).



The exhibit at Maso Spilzi, Italy (photo, Stéphanie Unterthiner)



The Angels of Winter (not available at the moment)


From Stefano's assignment from National Geographic Magazine, a selection of photographs (40 prints, 90x60 cm) showing the grace and poetry of the whooper swan.



The exhibition at Naturum Värmland, Sweden (photo Fredrik Sellberg)




The King's Odyssey exhibition


“King penguins return from the sea, alone or in small groups. Seen from the steep slopes of Possession Island, the penguins’ black and white silhouettes seems like fish that plough through the surface of the sea; they are agile and perfectly at home”. Thus begins the story of “The King’s Odyssey” (Contrasto, 2008), the successful book by wildlife photographer Stefano Unterthiner, the source of the photographs of this exhibit (60 prints, 100x70 cm).



"The King's Odyssey" exhibition at "Museo di Scienze Naturali" of Turin (photo Paolo Ciambi)

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